Bali Pilates Retreats began some ten years ago when Anthony began teaching Pilates in the heart of Bali’s spiritual home-Ubud. What began as a simple idea of combining Pilates with a holiday has grown into the concept of Pilates as a vehicle for personal growth and change. In fact, Joseph Pilates was a great believer in holistic health, and constantly stressed that his method was not just about perfecting a certain group of movements, but that it was a means to an end, the end being happiness. “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” is one of his oft mentioned quotations. He often referred to the ancient Greeks also, and their emphasis on the development of mind, body and spirit in the total development of a human being.

 At Bali Pilates Retreats we offer a range of programs in this spirit too, so that Pilates, healthy eating and mindfulness practices can be used in the pursuit of Eudemonia, another ancient Greek philosophical word meaning “flourishing” 

Our programs include two types of Teacher Training certificates, a “Client retreat” with daily Pilates and a relaxation program, and our well respected “Pilates in Clay” certificates in Anatomy for Pilates.

 We feel that establishing the very first Pilates retreat venue is the natural progression for the Pilates method. Like Yoga, which has a great tradition of retreats, Pilates can be used similarly as a personal growth tool. An often forgotten quote of Joe Pilates was that he wanted to “spread his doctrines on the subject of tension and relaxation, so that the world at large may benefit.” Our Innovations in Pilates work is an attempt to develop the relaxation aspect of his work. Participants in our retreats will gain new insights into the Pilates system, where relaxation, in an active sense through exercise,  is encouraged to the same degree as other more commonly known Pilates qualities like core strength, posture, alignment etc. The inability to relax is associated with many of our modern health conditions like stroke, cancer and heart disease. We feel that taking Pilates into this domain is a natural progression, following JP’s intended goals. We approach all of our clients as “whole beings” and not just bodies with biomechanical issues.

 So join us! A week of nutritional advice, healthy eating and cooking, daily Pilates and Innovations In Pilates sessions with Anthony and Kenyi , and some mindfulness practices might just change your life!